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These facts are surprising

Big potential

Experts analyzing the rapidly growing market for bioplastics forecast that this market will increase by 20% over the next 5 years.

A growing market

As it turns out, Europe is the largest market for bioplastics in the world. When investing in the bioplastic market, we don't have to worry about not finding customers.

By establishing cooperation with us, you can quickly and effectively reach the offer of leading producers of bioplastics.

A sure investment

Ecology and environmental protection are a priority for many people, which is why so much emphasis is placed on minimizing the amount of waste. For this reason, the bioplastics market is growing at such a fast pace. It is estimated that in 10 years 40% of plastics produced will be biodegradable.

Are you already part of the bioplastic market?

Biodegradability or compostability?

Bioplastics are a wide range of raw materials, products and additives. From now on, you don't have to worry about which concept to apply. We will prepare an optimal solution to support your idea.

Certification - why is it worth it?

Consumers pay more and more attention to products made from renewable raw materials that are biodegradable. The customer, seeing the certificate on the packaging, can be sure that he is dealing with the right solution.

We offer raw materials for the production of products and semi-finished products certified in accordance with the principles developed, among others, byTÜV AUSTRIA, DIN CERTCO and others

Our Offer

We offer thermoplastic raw materials for plastic processors, including those without plasticizers and not genetically modified, containing e.g. natural blended or corn starch and other raw materials such as PLA, PHA, PHB, cellulose, etc.
These materials can be used for the production of such products as:

What makes us stand out?


We help you choose the right biopolymer

We offer professional assistance in choosing the right granulate for individual customer needs.


We help to implement the raw material for production

We know that many doubts arise when implementing the raw material, which is why we also offer assistance in this area. What's more, we help in setting the machine park to ensure optimal use of production potential.


We help to understand the principles of certification

Every manufacturer expects his products to be reliable in the eyes of the customer. To this end, product certification may be necessary. We will help you understand the rules of certification and complete the application form.

If you want to know more about signs OK compost,OK biobased and others:


We offer raw materials for most production processes

The raw materials we offer are dedicated to implementation in the process of pouring, blowing, injection, extrusion and are suitable for thermoforming.


We offer modifying additives, including dyes, paints and process additives.

Additives from our range have the necessary certification and are compatible with the raw materials we offer. The compatibility criterion includes food contact, biodegradability and / or compostability.


Help to start

We offer our clients the service of connecting pages with potential partners and final recipients from Poland and abroad.

Your questions give meaning to our work

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